Our Educational Mission

Our company was founded on the principal of providing unique and educational courses that will transform driving behaviors and reduce recidivism rates by focusing on effecting driver changes. TSC's innovative course programs are continually updated by our in- house writing staff ensuring that all current legislative changes and cutting edge teaching techniques are incorporated into our traffic safety curriculum. Our goal is to help students change their attitudes about driving and become a safer more aware driver. Several effectiveness studies of TSC's course effectiveness by state and regulatory agencies have been shown to create a statically accurate reduction in the number of collisions and in the reduction of traffic tickets nationwide by utilizing our courses. Thus, statistically speaking, Traffic Safety Consultants, Inc student graduates are on average have less change of having a "run in" with another car--or the law after completing a course.

This is why for almost 35 years; TSC has made a commitment to focus on quality, reliability and integrity. "Team TSC" is committed to helping you run your business efficiently as we have done for close to 200 affiliates and 2 million TSC gradates.