About Traffic Safety Consultants Inc (T.S.C.):
Bruce Elkins

Traffic Safety Consultants, Inc., (known as T.S.C.) was founded with a single purpose nearly 35 years ago- we set out to create truly innovative and engaging traffic safety curriculum programs that would not only capture our student's imaginations, but most importantly change student driving attitudes and behaviors by bringing in cutting edge curriculum proven to have a changing impact on their driving behaviors. And the results have been outstanding. TSC courses have been studied by several governmental and state agencies and have been repeatedly shown to reduce the rate of student's collisions and traffic school violations over time. We are one of the few companies whose mission is to improve driver safety (and in the process save lives annually through our educational courses). TSC is proud to have over 250 affiliates providing our curriculum in 300 cities to 2 million satisfied graduates using TSC's copy written courses including several modalities such as online, classroom, and DVD/Video in English and Spanish.

TSC has become probably the nation's largest traffic and driving school online/ classroom franchise style provider (note: we are a provider/creator of traffic safety courses and a state of the art traffic safety system, not a "franchisor"-in other words, you will have few if any start up costs, few rules, regulations or reporting requirements etc yet you will work with us every step of the way to ensure your success). TSC offers several state approved courses while providing our clients with an in house, multi-language call center (optional); a team of professional computer programmers and web designers; a creative writing staff that continually updates our courses; and a dedicated management team that ensures client satisfaction. Our employees listen to our customers and constantly update our systems for better accuracy and reliability. This focus on accuracy and reliability has helped us maintain one of the industries highest renewal rates of its client for over 30 years.

Whether you decide to offer an online (or classroom) traffic school program, a driving school course, a course for beginning or first time drivers, a mature driving online course, a defensive driving course, a fleet or corporate safety program, driver improvement clinic, a point or insurance reduction course or any traffic/driving safety course TSC offers, TSC will provide your company with a first rate program at a reasonable cost. We also provide you with excellent service, outstanding support and an effective/entertaining course that your students will enjoy resulting in increased student retention, repeat clientele and referral rates.

TSC has a reputation for its integrity and quality. This is why for over 3 decades that our company has an impeccable record of outstanding compliance with every state, regulatory and government agency. We have a dedicated team of several hundred employees, a dedicated in house IT staff, master instructors that can teach you the nuances of our courses, a web design team, knowledgeable call center agents, and a dedicated staff of project leaders-in other words we are here to help ensure your company success 365 days a year... In short, Traffic Safety Consultants is a group that is dedicated to making your business successfully.

And joining "Team TSC" is simple. We are here to help you from beginning to end, whether it is answering your questions, or getting your started as an affiliate. Gloria Verver, our long time director of our Affiliate Programs, can be reached at (800)252-9488 or if you prefer please email her at gloria@trafficeducation.net. We look forward to having you join Team TSC.